Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions workshops and art classes Atelier Vera Nievelstein

Note: this text is translated by a machine, if there is anything unclear, please contact me for any questions at email: vera @ veranievelstein.nl

These general terms and conditions apply to any agreement you enter into with Atelier Vera Nievelstein. Before you sign up for a course or program it is important to read these carefully. By registering you agree to the general conditions.

1: Applicability

1.1 These general terms and conditions apply to all offers and agreements of (potential) participants regarding courses, workshops, training and education both online and offline.

1.2 An agreement relating to attending a course, workshop, training or education is established by the submission of an application form (booking a block of art classes or a workshop) by the participant. And the provision of a confirmation of registration by Vera Nievelstein.

2: Registrations

2.1 By registering, you agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Cancellation by the participant

3.1 You can unsubscribe via e-mail.

3.2 In case of cancellation for a physical workshop or course, a €10 administration fee will be deducted.

3.3 Deadline for cancellation and refund: If you cancel within 14 days of purchase, you will receive a full refund, minus an administrative fee of €10.

3.4 Cancellation for an online course or workshop is free within 14 days. After 14 days you cannot cancel anymore.

4: Payment

4.1 The participant must pay the full amount within 14 days of the invoice date unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing with Atelier Vera Nievelstein.

4.2 If agreed, partial payment terms are not met on time, this partial payment agreement will expire without any notice and participant can no longer claim it. And then the whole amount is due at once.

4.3 If you have a discount code, you can deduct this from the payment by mentioning this code at your payment.

5: Complaints

5.1 Do you have a complaint about a workshop or course? Please contact Vera Nievelstein through email: vera @ veranievelstein.nl and I will do my best to assist you and try to solve the problem.

5.2 Filing a complaint does not release the participant from the payment obligation.

6: Liability

6.1 Vera Nievelstein accepts no liability for personal injury or damage to participants’ property, nor any liability resulting from events during the workshop or course.

6.2 During the workshop and courses, materials are sometimes used that may stain clothing or belongings. Vera Nievelstein is not liable for soiled or damaged property and will not reimburse any damages. Therefore, please remember to put on old clothes when working with paint or ink, for example. Also make sure you have proper protection when working with sharp utensils such as scissors, knives and gouges.

7: Confidentiality.

7.1 All course materials and supplementary documentation are copyrighted and may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise duplicated and/or disclosed. Making visual recordings of any (part of) a workshop or course material is permitted for personal use only. The participant is not entitled to give course-, workshop-, training-, or education materials, to which Vera Nievelstein is entitled, in any way whatsoever, to third parties.

7.2 Trainees and participants are obliged to keep confidential towards third parties all information received from other trainees during the meetings, of which the confidential nature should be understood by the trainees and participants.

8: Other

8.1 Vera Nievelstein always reserves the right to change the content and/or prices of the workshops and courses.

8.2 If a participant causes nuisance to other trainees before or during or after a workshop or course, Vera Nievelstein has the right to refuse or remove this person from the workshop, and to refuse for subsequent workshops or classes of the course.