Painting for a Year


  1. Introduction
    • Discover and Develop Your Creativity and Sources of Inspiration
    • Coming Home to Yourself
    • Follow the First Month for Free
  2. Painting for a Year
    • Painting for a month
  3. Overview Annual Program
  4. A Creative Environment
  5. All Options
    • Annual Online Program
    • Painting for a Month
    • Physical Classes
  6. Prices
    • Material Costs
  7. Registration
  8. Questions
  9. Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

Discover and Develop Your Creativity and Sources of Inspiration

Are you not comfortable in your own skin, not really happy with what you do every day? Do you want to follow your heart more and make use of your creativity? Do you have the feeling that there is more inside you that is not quite coming out yet? If you have these questions then on one hand it is not nice because you are not really happy but on the other hand this is your chance to take your life in a different and better direction. A direction where you do more and more of what you really enjoy and where you can become more and more your true authentic self. If you start giving more quality time to yourself then you can feel better what you like and what makes you happy. And that is exactly what you have to give to the world.

Coming Home to Yourself

The advantage is that step by step you become happier and happier. Take the first step and the next and the next and your life becomes more and more authentic and therefore more and more fun and enjoyable. You start attracting more and more that fits what you really want. It’s time to come home to yourself! I myself started art school later in life and graduated in 2010. I was 44 years old at the time. I started to dislike the work I was doing more and more; I found it boring and uninspiring. I wasn’t really successful at it either. Then I made the decision to do what I wanted instead of doing what others expected of me. A decision I have never regretted! Read more in the “About” section.

Follow the first month for free

You can follow the first four assignments for free to find out if the program is something for you. If you liked it and want to learn more register for the year program, for another month program or for the waiting list for the physical classes in Delft, the Netherlands.

2. Painting for a Year

I love variety, always doing the same things I find boring and I use many different techniques in my art. So I do too in the art classes, you can try all kind of things so you can discover what touches you, fascinates you or leaves you longing for more. Then you can go into depth or, like me go wide. Go directly to the overview of the year program.

In the annual program “Painting for a Year” you get a new assignment each week. In the assignments we will paint and also work with photography, collage, drawing and printing where the focus is on discovering and developing your own sources of inspiration and creativity. You can try the first four lessons for free! After that you can either buy each course of four lessons saperatly or the whole year program at once with a discount. If you want guidance you can follow the program in an physical group in Delft, The Netherlands. There is also a VIP program in Delft, The Netherlands in which you get one-on-one lessons from me. The classes are suitable for beginners and also for people who have been practicing for some time and want a new impulse.

Painting for a Month

You don’t have to take the whole year program, you can also take the monthly programs separately. All lessons are made in blocks of four. If you choose one block you will receive an assignment every week for a month. In the program overview you can see which topics are covered.

3. Overview Annual Online Program

The annual online program consists of 13 month of four lessons including the first free block of four lessons. In every month there are lessons that consists of theory, experiment, practice, inspiration by other artists and a bit of art history basics.

I’m writing the classes at the moment and if you like you can be part of the pilot group with 50% discount (148,50 Euro). This is for me to find out how to build the program exactly to your needs.

  1. The World Upside Down (four free online lessons)
    • In the first four assignments we make photographs, collect photo’s and we start drawing the photo’s. This is the start of your image bank and the start of your (almost) daily drawing/painting. Your creative journey starts here! We will use the upside down method to make a change in our perception.
  2. Color on Color
    • Did your know there are people who can taste color see color with text? With these four assignments you will learn about color in theory and practice. Not only by mixing the paint beforehand but als by mixing is on the paper or canvas. From our experiments we build a collages. After that we will paint one of the collages.
  3. Portrait From the Inside Out
    • These lessons are all about painting portraits and we will use an unusual way to experiment with self portrait.
  4. Abstract in Several Ways
    • There are several ways to make abstract paintings. We will use this different ways to explore abstract painting.
  5. Another Perspective on Perspective Drawing
    • Most of us ar familiar to the classic way of drawing perspective. We will take a look at that but also look at it in a way inspired by the artist David Hockney.
  6. A Still life
    • In these four assignments we are going to draw and paint a small still life from cups, glasses, bottles in the style of the artist Giorgio Morandi and experiment with very large still life, because we don’t have to think of still life painting in the classical way. We can use big objects as well.
  7. Glue the Collage
    • Collage is a great way to get your inspiration going. It is easy and fun to do and it will bring new ideas for new artworks. We will make a painting of (part) of the collages and paint in the collages as well.
  8. Patterns vs Patterns
    • Pattern making is another form of abstract work which can be used to decorate objects or fabric and is therefore very interesting to experiment with. We will use a method to come to unexpected patterns. It can be used to make a graphic design for lino cutting.
  9. Models and Silhouettes
    • Another important subject for painters is painting people. This is absolutely something to try for ourselves. We wil use charcoal to draw people in our environment and/or from photo’s.
  10. Kitchen Lithography (invented by Émilie Aizier)
    • This is a really fun way of reproducing drawings with “garden-variety” stuff everyone has at home. We will make prints out of drawings we already made.
  11. Painting Over and Over again
    • In these assignments we wil paint the same object over and over again. In this way we wil have to use our creativity to paint the object in different ways. Use different ways to paint texture, color and shape.
  12. “Copying” the Masters
    • Copying masters is a great way to learn more on painting and about the master. You will learn so much by using the masters as your teacher.
  13. The Book shelve
    • Last but not least we will explore our books to find out more about what really interests us and inspire us and use it to paint the paintings we want to paint.
    • At this point you learned a lot and it is time to paint what you want to paint, what inspires you, what fits you, what makes you feel good, where you can develop your art.
  14. Bonus 1: How to Prepare a Canvas
    • Online workshop on how to prepare your own canvases. This will give your paintings more authenticity.
    • This online workshop is free when you but the year program. Otherwise it is 12,50 Euro.
  15. Bonus 2: How to Make Egg Tempera Paint
    • Online workshop how to make your own sustainable paint. Egg tempera was used by the icon painters in the Middle Ages.
    • This online workshop is free when you but the year program. Otherwise it is 12,50 Euro.

3. A Creative Environment

If you want to learn something well, it is important to surround yourself with people who are doing what you also want to learn. A good environment helps you, inspires you and brings pleasure. Being creative together and learning from each other, by looking at each other’s work. When you join the program you can join Atelier Vera Nievelstein’s Facebook group where you can share your progress with other creatives. This is especially important if you are taking the self-study classes, it helps with your motivation to complete the classes. If you want more contact, take classes under my guidance in groups of ten people, online or offline, see for prices below.

5. All Options

  1. The Annual Program
    • Receive every week an assignment 52 weeks in a row for 297,- Euro
  2. The Month Program
    • Receive every week an assignment 4 weeks in a row for 29,00 Euro
  3. Physical Group Program
    • We will follow the year program in a physical group, I will be there to guide you. It is also possible to follow one or more of the month classes.
  4. Physical VIP Program
    • Follow the year program or a month program with me one on one in Delft, the Netherlands or at your own location.

6. Costs

The online self-study program costs 29,- Euro for a block and consists of four lessons a block. The offline lessons cost 20,- a lesson and are in blocks of three lessons, so 80,- for a block of three lessons 2 hour each. The lessons will take place in Delft, The Netherlands. The VIP program where you get one-on-one lessons costs 120,- per 1,5 hour. The VIP lessons are given in Delft and can also be given at your location. When I visit you, there will be additional costs for traveling (time). It saves you time and money!

Material costs

All costs are exclusive of materials. The materials you will need for each block are listed in advance. Think mainly of paint, paper, canvas, brushes. For the lessons with graphics you need other materials which are often more expensive, but it is material you can use for a long time. You can decide which lessons you want to follow because you can follow each block separately.

7. Registration

You can register for one of the three options. When you push the button you wil receive a Google registration form. After filling in the form you will receive an e-mail to confirm your registration and alle the information you need to start the course. In the e-mail you will also find the information for payment. After paying the registration is final but you can cancel at no costs within 14 days.

Please note that the course is not ready yet and you have to wait when you choose a month program.

8. Questions

When you have any questions at any time, please contact me at vera @ veranievelstein .nl You also might find your answers at the FAQ section.

9. Terms and Conditions

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